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Saturday, December 20, 2008

What are SVG and XSLT, and why use them for image generation?

An Introduction to Scalable Vector Graphics

SVG - Scalable Vector Graphic

Add interactivity to your SVG

A JPEG to SVG converter written in PHP

XML Tutorial


Super scope in coldfusion

when creating webservice like :

> #Arguments.msg#">

Super scope can be used by menthods inside the class to access variables outside the method ie, class variables.
invoking the webservice can be done as shown below:">">



Wednesday, December 17, 2008

How to create webservice in coldfusion in WSDL

Create a CFC that uses remote functions in it.
Place the CFC in a folder anywhere in your PC.
Make that folder a Virtual Directory using IIS Mgr.
Once this is done type URl your browser. This will generate the wsdl for the webservice in xml format on the browser.
Save the output as cfcservicename.wsdl . Open the file and look for the path to the CFC. rename the path using your machines IP address.
write a client file in your wwwroot that access this webservice with the following code.

Run this client file once on your coldfusion server.
This will create an entry in the webservices tab of your coldfusion administrator.
Once this entry is made in the administrator you can delete the cfcservicename.wsdl as the client page will be able to access the remote CFC from the .wsdl entry that is registered on the administrator.

Sunday, December 14, 2008

SOA and Web services

BlueDragon support

Using Cold Fusion Web Services To Query an LDAP Server

Cached Queries

ColdFusion HTTP (cfhttp)

ColdFusion Query of Queries (QoQ)

Creating ColdFusion Web Services

Saturday, December 13, 2008

Editable select box

li ul based menu

Best Javascripts

cfcontent to microsoft word with image

Beginning Word Programming In VB

Tag - ColdFusion

cfchart and cfdocument

basic cfchart, format="jpg", nested inside cfdocument tags, format="PDF", and it renders

Microsoft adding XML files to Office 12

Microsoft adding XML files to Office 12,339028227,339191341,00.htm?feed=pt_word

CFDocument in ColdFusion 8

Accessing Complex COM Objects using Java proxies

New File I/O in ColdFusion 8

ColdFusion MX: Using application scope to improve COM performance

Using the Microsoft Word application object

Using the Microsoft Word application object

Wednesday, December 10, 2008

Using SOAP Request Headers in CFMX 6.1

CFX_SOAP Tag Reference

Deploy to Oracle Service Bus does not work

Integrating PeopleSoft CRM with Oracle E-Business Suite Using Oracle BPEL Process Manager

My First ColdFusion Web Service, Creating a Web Service with ColdFusion: the Basics

Session variables
To effectively deploy session-management variables in ColdFusion, configure the application server to accept and monitor them. A tag must be added to the Applicaton.cfm page

isSimpleObject ?

Monday, December 8, 2008

Comming Soon ... J-ADMIN V1.1

Dynamic Content Management System CMS
Developed in Fusebox 5.5 noxml framework for MVC architecture.
Developed in Coldfusion and MSSQL database.
Generates virtual pages implementing coldfusion code from user side.
Generate virtual links - search friendly URLs using ISAPI Rewrite.
Complete class based approach for database interactivity using Datamgr 2.2.
Class based session management using Sessionmgr.
Interactive file management using FCKEditor 2.6.3.

Its FREE! :)
Keep watching this blog!

Friday, December 5, 2008


CFOpenMail - Coldfusion Webmail (Web Mail) Client

Learning ColdFusion 8: CFZip

Kool site

Site Encryption

Complete site encryption!

Recurrsive Folder listing script in coldfusion - creates link rel tag for css files in a folder


Rewrite Rules Example

RewriteEngine On

RewriteCompatibility2 On

RepeatLimit 200RewriteBase

RewriteRule ^/jadmin-fb5/index.htm$ /jadmin-fb5/index.cfm

RewriteRule ^/jadmin-fb5/(.*).htm$ /jadmin-fb5/index.cfm?pageName=$1

RewriteCond %{REQUEST_FILENAME}.cfm -f

RewriteRule (.*) $1.cfm

Change jadmin-fb5 to ur localhost site or url

Integrating Datamgr 2.0 and Fusebox 5.5 noxml.

Integrating Datamgr 2.0 and Fusebox 5.5 noxml.
Datamgr 2.0 - handles the MODEl
methods of datamgr 2.0 accesable inside fusebox architecture. ISAPI for SEO friendly URL rewriting and much much more.
Application prototype (J-ADMIN 1.0) CMS to be released soon...

fusebox5.Application.cfc example

FUSEBOX_PARAMETERS.allowImplicitFusebox = true; FUSEBOX_PARAMETERS.defaultFuseaction = "app.index"; // you may want to change this to development-full-load , development-circuit-load mode FUSEBOX_PARAMETERS.mode = "development-full-load"; FUSEBOX_PARAMETERS.conditionalParse = true; FUSEBOX_PARAMETERS.password = "jeetualex"; FUSEBOX_PARAMETERS.strictMode = true; FUSEBOX_PARAMETERS.debug = true; FUSEBOX_PARAMETERS.errortemplatesPath = "/fusebox5/errortemplates/"; // These are all default values that can be overridden: // FUSEBOX_PARAMETERS.fuseactionVariable = "fuseaction"; // FUSEBOX_PARAMETERS.precedenceFormOrUrl = "form"; // FUSEBOX_PARAMETERS.scriptFileDelimiter = "cfm"; // FUSEBOX_PARAMETERS.maskedFileDelimiters = "htm,cfm,cfml,php,php4,asp,aspx"; // FUSEBOX_PARAMETERS.characterEncoding = "utf-8"; // FUSEBOX_PARAMETERS.strictMode = false; // FUSEBOX_PARAMETERS.allowImplicitCircuits = false;
FUSEBOX_CALLER_PATH = getDirectoryFromPath(getCurrentTemplatePath());

Variables.Config = GetDirectoryFromPath(GetCurrentTemplatePath()) & "j-admin.ini"; Application.Author = '#GetProfileString(variables.config, "default", "Author")#'; Application.WebsiteTitle = '#GetProfileString(variables.config, "default", "WebsiteTitle")#'; Application.BaseUrl = '#GetProfileString(variables.config, "default", "BaseUrl")#'; Application.BasePath = '#GetProfileString(variables.config, "default", "BasePath")#'; Application.UploadsPath = Application.BasePath&"/uploads"; Application.IncludesPath = Application.BasePath&"/includes"; Application.ComponentsPath = Application.BasePath&"/com"; Application.CSSPath = Application.IncludesPath&"/css"; Application.JSPath = Application.IncludesPath&"/js"; Application.ImagesPath = Application.IncludesPath&"/images"; Application.jq = CreateObject("component",Application.ComponentsPath&"/common/jquery"); Application.passwds = CreateObject("component",Application.ComponentsPath&"/passwds/passwds"); Application.DSN = "#GetProfileString(variables.config, "default", "DSN")#"; Application.DBType = "MSSQL"; Application.obj = CreateObject("component",Application.ComponentsPath&"/datamgr/DataMgr_Comp"); Application.obj.init(Application.DSN,Application.DBType); Application.availableResources=0; Application.counter1=1; Application.sessions=0;

Session.started = now();

executionTime: #executionTime# ms

Extending Application.cfc And OnRequestStart() With SUPER / Extending Your Root Application.cfc

Extending Application.cfc And OnRequestStart() With SUPER

Extending Your Root Application.cfc

Friday, November 28, 2008

Some Kool Fusebox reference sites!

Use FuseBox Skeleton


Hello poster posted!

app.cfc action="display.dsp_home", contentvariable="body" ) />


Hurray Home!

Fusebox Vars

Alternate way of calling a page


Sets the value that your application will use to designate a fully-qualified fuseaction23. In Fusebox 3, this was hardcoded to "fuseaction", but with Fusebox 4 you are free to use any value you like. Thus, your URLs and forms can now pass fuseactions like this: index.cfm?method=main.welcome. Other popular values are fa and go. The default value is fuseaction.


Sets the fuseaction to run if no
fuseaction is specified, such as when a user makes their first request to your application. This field is required.


Allowable values: form, url. Sets the precedence of form and url variables when they are converted to the attributes scope, in the case where a variable is defined with the same name in both the form and url scopes. The default value for this attribute is form.


Allowable values: development, production. Provides a way to toggle between development and production mode. In development mode, the XML files are reparsed on every request. This also means that the Fusebox 4 memory structures are rebuilt on each request. You should set the model to development while creating or maintaining your application. Doing so will let you see your changes applied as you make new requests to your application. In production mode, the XML files are only reparsed if they are newer than the version that Fusebox 4 is holding in memory. This results in a significant performance increase when in production mode. Default is


Lets you set a password that can be included in a URL and allows you to perform some basic maintenance on your Fusebox 4 application. If not set to an empty string, then the password is required when specifying modal settings on the URL. Example: &fusebox.password=stancox&􀂩 fusebox.load=true to force a reload of fusebox.xml Example: &fusebox.password=stancox&􀂩 fusebox.parse=true to force a reparse of the requested fuseaction.
Example: &fusebox.password=stancox&􀂩 fusebox.execute=false to inhibit execution of the fuseaction.
When mode is set to development, load, parse and execute are set to true on each request automatically. When mode is set to production, load, and parse are set to false and execute is set to true on each request automatically24. These can be over-written for a single request using the URL variables above


Allowable values: true, false. Determines whether the parsed files that Fusebox 4 generates will contain comments. The comments that Fusebox 4 generates can be very helpful, but if you want the smallest parsed files possible, you can disable this feature. Default is true.


Sets the scripting language for the Fusebox 4 application. Some possible values could be php or cf5. Default is cfmx.


Determines which file extension will be used when referring to files (both fuses and parsed files). Default is cfm.


As described above, when a circuit refers to a file without a delimiter, the scriptFileDelimiter is appended. The maskedFileDelimiters describes
which extension, if found at the end of a file reference, should be left as is—masked—from the translation. You can use * to mask all files so that no scriptFileDelimiter is appended at all. Default value is the literal list htm,cfm,cfml,php,php4,asp,aspx


Allows you to set the character encoding that Fusebox 4 includes in the parsed files. This is very useful to internationalize your application. Default is UTF-8.

Wednesday, November 26, 2008

Stored Procedures

... do something ...
... display the results ...

Here is the same stored procedure executed using the procedure object.

// get the datasource
ds = request.DataFaucet.getDatasource();
// get a procedure object
proc = ds.getProcedure().init(
procedure = "usp_ComplexProductSearch"
parameters = form,
results = "PopularProducts, RecentProducts, SearchResults",
maxrows = "10,10" // limit popular & recent to 10 records

// execute the procedure and return the results struct
q = proc.execute();

... do something ...

... display the results ...

how do I call a stored procedure from within cfscript?

how do I call a stored procedure from within cfscript?

CFMX and SQL Server Data Transformation Services (Part one)

CFMX and SQL Server Data Transformation Services (Part one)

CF syntax for a MySql stored procedure

call getGroups()

using the DSN-less code

classLoader = createObject("java", "java.lang.Class"); classLoader.forName("sun.jdbc.odbc.JdbcOdbcDriver"); dm = createObject("java","java.sql.DriverManager"); con = dm.getConnection("jdbc:odbc:DRIVER={MySQL ODBC 3.51 Driver}; SERVER=[my server IP address]; PORT=3306; DATABASE=mysqldb; USER=testuser; PASSWORD=password; OPTION=3;"); st = con.createStatement(); rs = st.ExecuteQuery("call mysqldb.getGroups();"); q = createObject("java", "coldfusion.sql.QueryTable").init(rs);

Harnessing the Power of SQL Server Using Stored Procedures

Combining insert and update SQL logic

using cfquery inside cfscript

objResults2 = CreateObject("java","coldfusion.sql.QueryTable").Init(CreateObject("java","coldfusion.server.ServiceFactory").DataSourceService.GetDataSource("#Application.DB#").GetConnection().PrepareStatement("SELECT * FROM table").ExecuteQuery());

Saturday, November 22, 2008

page rank checker

check it out!

posting query to google

javascript redirrection

function test() { window.location.assign("") }

Using Fusebox relocate with noxml

Example usage in Tasks.cfc:

function cf_param(var_name, default_value) { if(not isDefined(var_name)) SetVariable(var_name, default_value); }






Getting tag functionality in cfscript

var sOptions = "";

if (structKeyExists(arguments, "expand"))
sOptions = " expand=" & arguments.expand;

if (structKeyExists(arguments, "top"))
sOptionssOptions = sOptions & " top=" &;

Quantcast Media Planner - Find Your Audience Online
Quantcast Media Planner ranks millions of web properties based on their ability to deliver your target audience - the way you define it. Unlike panel-based services, much of Quantcast's data is based on directly measured (Quantified) traffic - collected through a program publishers participate in. Other sites not participating in the program (non- Quantified) have panel-based audience estimates provided. Leverage powerful demographic, geographic (TV DMA), lifestyle interest, or brand affinities to drive unparalleled visibility across the web - major publisher sites, networks, vertical properties and more.

Friday, November 21, 2008

Fusebox or Mach-II?

Fusebox or Mach-II?
A look at the strengths and weaknesses of both frameworks
Check it out!
A framework provides prebuilt and pretested code that can be used as a skeleton on which to build applications. Web frameworks may be lightweight or heavyweight. Heavyweight frameworks typically apply themselves to a particular domain where they offer greater help in building domain-specific applications and require a greater degree of conformity as to the code being written. Lightweight frameworks are usually more generic (meant to deal with many different domains); they offer basic "plumbing" assistance and provide greater latitude in the way that developers write code.
Both Fusebox and Mach-II are lightweight frameworks. They offer help connecting the presentation tier of an application with the business logic and data persistence tiers. ...


From Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia

Mach-II vs Fusebox

Check this site !

developers who want to build OO applications with an MVC approach will probably prefer Mach-II. Developers who are used to coding procedural applications will probably prefer Fusebox. Again, Fusebox will support OO-based models with an MVC design; it just doesn't enforce or require it

Brian Kotek has released an interesting article on TechRepublic entitled, Comparing and contrasting Mach-II and Fusebox 4.1 frameworks for ColdFusion MX.

What's XFA

Fusebox 101: What's XFA all about?

Inserting Custom SQL into DataMgr

Check this site out !

Inserting Custom SQL into DataMgr
We ran into a situation on a current project where we needed to return a column based on complicated logic. We needed to have a column that indicated if the value of an answer had changed since the user had originally answered the question. This logic was sufficiently complicated that even a custom relation field wouldn't do the job.
In situations where a layer of abstraction isn't able to handle the complexity required, it makes sense to break out of that layer of abstraction. That is why a ColdFusion programmer may sometimes (rarely) have to revert to Java. For DataMgr, this suggests writing SQL manually in situations like this.
In our case, however, we had already defined several relation fields that we needed to use and we didn't want to have to redefine them (or to ask DataMgr for the SQL for each relation field individually). We needed a way to add a field composed of complex SQL to our query without losing the benefit of our DataMgr relation fields.


Google maps - Jeetu Alex Software Engineer

Thursday, November 20, 2008

Find and Replace with variables in Dream weaver

Find and Replace with variables in Dream weaver
Check them out





Verity Search in cold fusion

Verity Search in cold fusion

Check these links


extensions=".htm, .html, .xls, .txt, .mif, .doc"

name = "codecoll_results"
collection = "demodocs1"
criteria = "a"
contextPassages = "1"
contextBytes = "300"
maxrows = "100">

File: #Key#

Document Title (if any): #Title#

Score: #Score#

Summary: #Summary#

Highlighted Summary: #context#

URL Rewrite Rules Examples

Check it out!

View Source Script


Search Engine Submission - AddMe

Search Engine Submission - AddMe

ICCS™ Certification and licensing

ICCS™ Certification and licensing

Giving your site a ICRA rating

Giving your site a ICRA rating

Check this site out

When creating a website, you want to make sure that it is accessible to everyone. If someone were to visit your website at a college, library, Church, or other public area - they might not be able to if they use an internet filter.
Creating a PICS Label is so easy to do, and can go a long ways. In this article I’ll go over how you can create a PICS Label in both Safe Surf and ICRA, and then combine both labels into one meta tag.
Generating the LabelsYou’ll need to generate the labels at the ICRA Generator and SafeSurf Generator. Simply fill out the questionair about your website, and copy and paste the label into a text editor like notepad. Below are the labels generated for this website.

Combining the LabelsYou might not want to have two seperate meta tags. Well you don’t have to, you can combine them. The first step is to get the unique label from the above labels like so:"" l gen true for
"" r (nz 1 vz 1 lz 1 oz 1 cz 1)
"" L gen true for
"" r (SS~~000 1)
The next step will be to combine them both into one long line, and then to insert them back into the meta tag like so:
Inserting the TagThe next step is to insert this tag into your site. It isn’t neccessary to insert this tag into every page, but it is recommended. The more pages you have it on, the less of a chance the user will get to your site and not see the label and be blocked.
To insert the tag, put it inside your HEAD section:

My Page

Testing the LabelsTo make sure you have the done this correctly, you can test each of the labels using the ICRA Tester and the SafeSurf Inspector.

Using ColdFusion For Network Monitoring

Using ColdFusion For Network Monitoring
As CF developers, we have implemented countless Web-based workflow and content management style applications. As an Internet service and hosting provider, however, we used a number of different technologies to monitor and manage our network. While a huge number of commercial and free software packages exist for managing various parts of a network, our employer lacked a single platform for managing corporate information and our network. Fortunately, we use ColdFusion so we're familiar with its extensibility and could take advantage of that to meet our need.
One of the key technologies used in monitoring our network was SNMP, the Simple Network Management Protocol. While the term "simple" may be relative, SNMP is an accepted standard for monitoring and managing network devices. Servers, routers, switches, UPSs, environment sensors, and nearly any other kind of network-connected device can often "speak" SNMP to communicate information about their operation and status.

Network Device Checker

A kool site i found
Detecting devices in network using coldfusion cfexecute ping.
Check it out!

Network Device Checker

This tool was developed by me because I needed something to keep track of devices on the network and when they would fail. This utility will test communications with the devices using the Windows Ping utility.

This tool will ping the device and then store the result of Success of Fail to a log database that you will be able to query to find the latest status.

Enough said .. Lets get started.

This was built with MySQL, but could be changed to work with Access.

Create Table: NetworkAddress

use (database);
# Table structure for networkaddress
CREATE TABLE `networkaddress` (
`FileID` int(11) NOT NULL auto_increment,
`Name` varchar(100) default NULL,
`address` varchar(20) default NULL,

This table is used to store the name of the device and the IP address.

Create Table: NetworkLog

use (database);
# Table structure for networklog
CREATE TABLE `networklog` (
`FileID` int(11) NOT NULL auto_increment,
`ResourceName` varchar(50) default NULL,
`Status` varchar(20) default NULL,
`LogDateTime` timestamp NOT NULL default '0000-00-00 00:00:00',
) ENGINE=InnoDB DEFAULT CHARSET=latin1 COMMENT='InnoDB free: 22528 kB; InnoDB free: 22528 kB; InnoDB free: 2';

This table is used to store the result of the Ping.

Create File: NetworkTest.cfm

FROM networkaddress

#name# -- (On Line)

#name# -- (Off Line)

INSERT INTO networklog (resourcename, status, LogDateTime )
VALUES ('#name#', '#status#', NOW());

This file will be the one that actually runs all the test and stores the result into the NetworkLog Database.

Create File: NetworkStatus.cfm

FROM networklog
Group by ResourceName
Order by ResourceName Asc

Test Network Servers

- Using Ping to check for commnucations on network every 10min.

- History Log can be viewed by clicking on Resource Name.

FROM networklog
Where ResourceName = '#getResources.ResourceName#'
Order by FileID DESC

#trim(getLog.ResourceName)##trim(getLog.status)##timeformat(getLog.logDateTime, "hh:mm:ss")#

That?s it ..

You can now set your schedule and your coldfusion server will now start tracking these resources for you.
It would be good to mention that you could build onto this so that you are sent an alert when you have a failure.


View my slideshow here!

Wednesday, November 19, 2008

Feeds Submission to Adobe

RSS Feed Submitions - Some Best Sites
RSS Feed Submitions - Some Best Sites

DataMgr Rocks!

View these

DataMgr 2.1 Alpha

DataMgr 2.1 is still in alpha, so the feature set may change (unstable features may be removed), but the features in the alpha are:
Optional "sort-field" attribute for "list" relation field to dictate order of list
Optional "delimiter" attribute for "list" relation field
DataMgr throws error for more than one "Increment" field in one table
Report datasource name in loadXML() error
Cascading Relation Fields (see below)
Optional bidirectional self-relational many-to-many-relationships
Custom Relation Fields (see below)
Optional "advsql" argument in getRecords (see below
Fixed bug in saveSortOrder for MySQL
Most of these features should be relatively obvious, but some could use some explanation. try it out.

Kool ColdFusion Components

DataMgr can now be downloaded from the

Data Manager V2.8.2
Data Manager V2.8.2 is a program which allows you to process and manipulate your data in a easy and logical manner using a graphical interface.

Fusebox 5.5 Updated

Page Redirrection

Page Redirrection" />
Example usage in Tasks.cfc: action="time.act_addtask" ) />
This will redirect to index.cfm?


function list(myFusebox,event) {if (event.valueExists(’user_id’) {event.setValue(”reminder_user_id”,event.getValue(’user_id’));}”mReminders.actGetReminders”);”vReminders.dspListReminders”, contentvariable=”content.main”);}function prefuseaction(myFusebox,event) {event.xfa(”Calender”,”Calendar.Month”);}

What is Model View Controller?
• MVC is a design pattern
• MVC is multi-tiered architecture
– Separates the data (model) from the user
interface (view)
– De-couples data access and business logic
from data presentation and user interaction.
– The de-coupling is supported by introducing
an intermediate component: The Controller.

The Model
• Model
𐂃 The domain specific representation of the
information that the application operates with.
𐂃 Most applications use a database. MVC
doesn’t specifically mention the db access
layer since it is understood to be under or
encapsulated within the Model

The View
• The View renders the model into a shape that is
suitable for interaction (usually via a user
• Multiple views can exist for a model for different

The Controller
• The Controller is the Traffic Cop, it responds to
and processes events (usually from user
• The Controller may invoke changes on the

MVC Strengths
• Cleanly separates Controlling code from display
• Allows a model to be a representation of specific
• Allows a single point of entry for all requests
– Security measures only need to be in one
• Easier to maintain.

MVC Weaknesses
• More difficult to implement from scratch.
• More work to add functionality.
• More files to work with
• Requires more knowledge of applications than
“spaghetti code”.

Fusebox and MVC
• Historically Fusebox has been about separating
the presentation and business layers.
• MVC separates the business from the
presentation layers as well.
• What’s the difference then?

Fusebox is the Controller
• Circuit.xml is the controller.
𐂃 Think about it as the traffic cop.
• Figures out what needs to be done
• Allocates the resources to do it.
𐂃 Makes the calls to the Model and Views

CFCs are the model
• CFC’s are the heavy lifting model.
• Encapsulate the business and data models.
• CFC’s can be OOP or not, doesn’t matter.

Sample Applications
• DrivingFB is a sample application, written in man
different ways.
𐂃 NON MVC – Traditional Fusebox
𐂃 Fusebox with MVC
𐂃 MVC with a Model composed of CFC’s
𐂃 MVC with a More OOP Model using CFC’s
𐂃 XML-Less Fusebox as an additional try.
• Note, this is not the end all. Its an extra

Switching to MVC
• Driving FB_2
𐂃 No fuses were changed in the creation.
𐂃 Only the circuits were changed.
𐂃 Calls to rather than
𐂃 Models don’t have to mimic circuits.

Using CFCs as the Model
• DrivingFB_3
• All model fuses were ported to functions within a
– Model/car.cfc contains all model/car fuses
– All functions were reworked to return values.
• Controllers had to be changed to call functions.
– Also can explicitly show what each call

XML-less Fusebox
• In 2007, Team Fusebox and Teratech
conducted a survey.
𐂃 It turns out many people are still using
Fusebox 3 and one of the reasons for that
was the perceived barrier to entry of using
𐂃 Fusebox 5.5 allows for a no-xml option.

No-xml Fusebox is Fusebox light
• No ability to work with plugins
• No ability to work with lexicons
• No ability to nest circuits

Eliminating the xml files
• In index.cfm or Application.cfc implicit circuits
must be enabled
– FUSEBOX_Parameters.allowImplicitFusebox = true
• Circuits are either subdirectories or CFC’s.
• All aliases must be uniquely named.

MyFusebox object
• Contains the functions necessary to implement
xml-less Fusebox.
𐂃 myFusebox.setSelf(“self”) – Sets self
𐂃 myFusebox.getSelf() – Gets self Variable
𐂃 myFusebox.setmySelf(“self”) – Sets
myself Variable
𐂃 myFusebox.getmySelf() – Gets myself

MyFusebox Object
• myFusebox.relocate(url=“”,xfa=“”,addtoken=

Using cfm files in a Directory as fuseactions
• Name of the directory is the circuit name
• Name of the file is the fuseaction name.

Using Cfcs as Fuseactions
• CFC Name is the Circuit
• Function name is the Fuseaction.
𐂃 Two arguments are passed to each function
• myFusebox (contains the MyFusebox object)
• Event (contains an object which works with the
attributes scope)
• Don’t put output (Views) in a CFC. Instead use
the separate file technique mentioned earlier.

Event Object – Most used.
• Event.getAllValues() – gets entire attributes
• Event.setValue(“name”, “value”) – sets a
variable in the attributes structure to the
• Event.getValue(“name”) – Retrieves the
requested value from the attribute structure.
• Event.valueExists(“name”) – Check if a
requested value is present.
• Event.xfa(“name”,”value”) – Sets an eXit
FuseAction (in variables scope)

Sample CFC Fuseaction
Pre and Post Fuseactions
• Both the directory driven and CFC driven circuits
may have pre and postfuseactions.
• Directory driven:
𐂃 prefuseaction.cfm and postfuseaction.cfm
• CFC driven:
• Fusebox
𐂃 Fusebox Website
𐂃 Fusebox 5.5 Release Documents -

Download for more details
releasenotes550.pdf download

Sunday, November 16, 2008

ISAPI_Rewrite is a powerful URL manipulation engine

Configuring IIS with ISAPI Rewrite

Action script-Coldfusion based File explorer

Kool site for coldfusion open source snippet downloads

Using ISAPI with coldfusion

coldfusion to javascript - passing variables

Check this out!

Menus - CSS and JS

Drop-Down Menus

CSS Express Drop-Down Menus

Create a multilevel Dropdown menu with CSS and improve it via jQuery

A simple six level drop-down menu with overlap and overrun

Multi-Level Drop Down Menu 2.30

Multi-Level Drop-Down Menu Script

Menu horizontal à plusieurs niveaux

Dynamic Context Menus

CSS - Light Weight Multi Level Menu

CSS Examples 2-level CSS Drop Down Menu

Context Menus - using java script !

Advanced SQL with DataMgr - Check This out

software engineer

web applications developer - experienced in development of high quality dynamic web applications on windows/linux server, troubleshooting & technical consulting for web & cms based applications.
technical expertise - well versed in ColdFusion MX 7, PHP, JSP, ASP, Flash Action Script 2.0, designing & hosting of web applications.
project planning & management - proven ability to plan, organize & lead technical projects in both small & large groups. proven track record of managing multiple responsibilities simultaneously.
technical support & training - demonstrated skill in training & supporting end users as well as technical staff to achieve performance objectives. good exposure on uk & us targeted clients.
strengths - self-motivated, excellent team player, good in presentation skills & effective communicator with proven ability to build strong working relationships.

My Technical Skills

NT 9x/2000/NT/XP, Red Hat Linux.


Server Side
Macromedia ColdFusion MX7 - with good exposure in MVC frameworks like Fusebox 5.5 (no-xml), Mach II and ModelGlue, Java Integration – (Java Beans, Servlets and JSP) in CFX's and CFC's, RIA – Flash Forms, Reports. • Oracle 10G (Oracle SQL* Plus), MSSQL Server 2000 and 2005, MySql, MS Access databases. • PL/SQL, Pro*C, PERL, UNIX Shell Scripting. • Java, JSP, Servlets - Struts based applications. • PHP - with exposure to MVC frameworks like CodeIgnitor and php.MVC, PHPMyAdmin. • ASP.

Client Side
Macromedia Flash 8 - ActionScript2.0 (Communication server, XML Remote Procedure Calls - RPC), FLV’s (Media Streaming), Macromedia Flex 2. • XHTML 1.0 and CSS 2 (W3C Standards) - Resolving cross browser issues, Ajax and JavaScript.

Apache Tomcat for JSP, Apache and IIS for PHP, JRun4 and ColdFusion MX7.


Dreamweaver, Eclipse, and EditPlus. • MS Office 2007. • TOAD Interface, SQL Navigator. • WS FTP, Firezilla, CuteFTP, SmartFTP. • Photoshop, Illustrator, Premere, Fireworks and Flash.

Version Control

Other Skills
C, C++, Assembly Language (MASM), DOS 6.2 BAT Scripts, ORCAD 9.1, MATLAB, Visual Basic, Visual FoxPro.

RBI Test Results

File Format: PDF/Adobe Acrobat - View as HTML
3021 JEETU ALEX. M 06/06/1981 GEN. 192 23500192. 3070 ANCY VARGHESE. F 11/07/ 1983 GEN. 193 23500193. 3100 TINY CATHRINE JOY. F 25/05/1983 GEN. 194 23500194

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Dear Esteem Customer Jeetu Alex, Greetings from the Global Courier Service. We are in receipt of your mail and the content was acknowledged.

JTO Results

List of Applicants SL No Roll No Applicant_name Date of Birth ...
File Format: PDF/Adobe Acrobat - View as HTML161 JTO/2005/24/10/13866 JEETU ALEX. 06/06/1981. University College, Palayam, Trivandrum-. 34. 162 JTO/2005/24/10/13394 JEEVA JACOB. 25/04/1984

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Sites developed for Trident Web Infosystems

Trident Web Infosystems

Technologies used (PHP,MySql,Java Script,HTML)
Client (US)

Technologies used (Java Script,HTML)
Client (India)

Technologies used (PHP,MySql,Java Script,HTML,Flash AS2)
Client (US)

Technologies used (ASP,MySql,Java Script,HTML)
Client (US)

Technologies used (ASP,MySql,Java Script,HTML)
Client (US)

Technologies used (ASP,MySql,AJAX,Java Script,HTML)
Client (UK)

Technologies used (PHP,MySql,Java Script,HTML,Flash AS2)
Client (UK)

Technologies used (PHP,MySql,Java Script,HTML)
Client (US)

Technologies used (PHP,Java Script,HTML)
Client (UK)

Technologies used (Java Script,HTML,Flash AS2)
Client (UK)

Technologies used (PHP,MySql,Java Script,HTML)
Client (UK)

Technologies used (PHP,MySql,Java Script,HTML,Flash AS2)
Client (US)

Technologies used (PHP,MySql,Java Script,HTML,Flash AS2)
Client (US)

Technologies used (PHP,MySql,Java Script,HTML,Flash AS2)
Client (US)

Technologies used (ASP,MySql,Java Script,HTML,Flash AS2)
Client (US)

Technologies used (PHP,MySql,Java Script,HTML)
Client (US)

Technologies used (PHP,MySql,Java Script,HTML)
Client (US)

Technologies used (ASP,MySql,Java Script,HTML)
Client (US)

Sites developed for Cutesys Technologies

Cutesys Technologies

Technologies used (Java Script,HTML,Flash AS2)
Client (UAE)

Technologies used (Java Script,HTML,Flash AS2)
Client (UAE)

Technologies used (PHP,MSSql,Java Script,HTML,Flash AS2)
Client (UAE)

Technologies used (Java Script,HTML,Flash AS2)
Client (UAE)

Technologies used (Java Script,HTML,Flash AS2)
Client (UAE)

Technologies used (PHP,MySql,Java Script,HTML,Flash AS2)
Client (India)

Technologies used (PHP,MySql,Java Script,HTML,Flash AS2)
Client (India)

Technologies used (Java Script,HTML,Flash AS2)
Client (India)

Technologies used (PHP,MySql,Java Script,HTML,Flash AS2)
Client (US)

Technologies used (JSP,MySql,AJAX,Java Script,HTML)
Client (India)

Technologies used (PHP,MySql,Java Script,HTML,Flash AS2)
Client (India)

Technologies used (PHP,MySql,Java Script,HTML,Flash AS2)
Client (India)

Technologies used (PHP,MySql,Java Script,HTML,Flash AS2)
Client (India)

Technologies used (JSP,MySql,AJAX,Java Script,HTML,Flash AS2)
Client (India)

Technologies used (Java Script,HTML,Flash AS2)
Client (UAE)

Technologies used (JSP,MySql,Java Script,HTML,Flash AS2)
Client (India)

Technologies used (PHP,MySql,Java Script,HTML,Flash AS2)
Client (UAE)

Technologies used (PHP,MySql,AJAX,Java Script,HTML,Flash AS2)
Client (India)

Technologies used (JSP,MySql,Java Script,HTML,Flash AS2)
Client (India)

Technologies used (Java Script,HTML,Flash AS2)
Client (UAE)

Technologies used (PHP,MySql,Java Script,HTML,Flash AS2)
Client (UAE)

Technologies used (Java Script,HTML,Flash AS2)
Client (UAE)

Technologies used (Java Script,HTML,Flash AS2)
Client (India)

Technologies used (Java Script,HTML,Flash AS2)
Client (UAE)

Technologies used (Java Script,HTML,Flash AS2)
Client (India)

Technologies used (Java Script,HTML,Flash AS2)
Client (UAE)

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