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Wednesday, November 19, 2008

DataMgr 2.1 Alpha

DataMgr 2.1 is still in alpha, so the feature set may change (unstable features may be removed), but the features in the alpha are:
Optional "sort-field" attribute for "list" relation field to dictate order of list
Optional "delimiter" attribute for "list" relation field
DataMgr throws error for more than one "Increment" field in one table
Report datasource name in loadXML() error
Cascading Relation Fields (see below)
Optional bidirectional self-relational many-to-many-relationships
Custom Relation Fields (see below)
Optional "advsql" argument in getRecords (see below
Fixed bug in saveSortOrder for MySQL
Most of these features should be relatively obvious, but some could use some explanation. try it out.


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