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Saturday, December 20, 2008

What are SVG and XSLT, and why use them for image generation?

An Introduction to Scalable Vector Graphics

SVG - Scalable Vector Graphic

Add interactivity to your SVG

A JPEG to SVG converter written in PHP

XML Tutorial


Super scope in coldfusion

when creating webservice like :

> #Arguments.msg#">

Super scope can be used by menthods inside the class to access variables outside the method ie, class variables.
invoking the webservice can be done as shown below:">">



Wednesday, December 17, 2008

How to create webservice in coldfusion in WSDL

Create a CFC that uses remote functions in it.
Place the CFC in a folder anywhere in your PC.
Make that folder a Virtual Directory using IIS Mgr.
Once this is done type URl your browser. This will generate the wsdl for the webservice in xml format on the browser.
Save the output as cfcservicename.wsdl . Open the file and look for the path to the CFC. rename the path using your machines IP address.
write a client file in your wwwroot that access this webservice with the following code.

Run this client file once on your coldfusion server.
This will create an entry in the webservices tab of your coldfusion administrator.
Once this entry is made in the administrator you can delete the cfcservicename.wsdl as the client page will be able to access the remote CFC from the .wsdl entry that is registered on the administrator.

Sunday, December 14, 2008

SOA and Web services

BlueDragon support

Using Cold Fusion Web Services To Query an LDAP Server

Cached Queries

ColdFusion HTTP (cfhttp)

ColdFusion Query of Queries (QoQ)

Creating ColdFusion Web Services

Saturday, December 13, 2008

Editable select box

li ul based menu

Best Javascripts

cfcontent to microsoft word with image

Beginning Word Programming In VB

Tag - ColdFusion

cfchart and cfdocument

basic cfchart, format="jpg", nested inside cfdocument tags, format="PDF", and it renders

Microsoft adding XML files to Office 12

Microsoft adding XML files to Office 12,339028227,339191341,00.htm?feed=pt_word

CFDocument in ColdFusion 8

Accessing Complex COM Objects using Java proxies

New File I/O in ColdFusion 8

ColdFusion MX: Using application scope to improve COM performance

Using the Microsoft Word application object

Using the Microsoft Word application object

Wednesday, December 10, 2008

Using SOAP Request Headers in CFMX 6.1

CFX_SOAP Tag Reference

Deploy to Oracle Service Bus does not work

Integrating PeopleSoft CRM with Oracle E-Business Suite Using Oracle BPEL Process Manager

My First ColdFusion Web Service, Creating a Web Service with ColdFusion: the Basics

Session variables
To effectively deploy session-management variables in ColdFusion, configure the application server to accept and monitor them. A tag must be added to the Applicaton.cfm page

isSimpleObject ?

Monday, December 8, 2008

Comming Soon ... J-ADMIN V1.1

Dynamic Content Management System CMS
Developed in Fusebox 5.5 noxml framework for MVC architecture.
Developed in Coldfusion and MSSQL database.
Generates virtual pages implementing coldfusion code from user side.
Generate virtual links - search friendly URLs using ISAPI Rewrite.
Complete class based approach for database interactivity using Datamgr 2.2.
Class based session management using Sessionmgr.
Interactive file management using FCKEditor 2.6.3.

Its FREE! :)
Keep watching this blog!

Friday, December 5, 2008


CFOpenMail - Coldfusion Webmail (Web Mail) Client

Learning ColdFusion 8: CFZip

Kool site

Site Encryption

Complete site encryption!

Recurrsive Folder listing script in coldfusion - creates link rel tag for css files in a folder


Rewrite Rules Example

RewriteEngine On

RewriteCompatibility2 On

RepeatLimit 200RewriteBase

RewriteRule ^/jadmin-fb5/index.htm$ /jadmin-fb5/index.cfm

RewriteRule ^/jadmin-fb5/(.*).htm$ /jadmin-fb5/index.cfm?pageName=$1

RewriteCond %{REQUEST_FILENAME}.cfm -f

RewriteRule (.*) $1.cfm

Change jadmin-fb5 to ur localhost site or url

Integrating Datamgr 2.0 and Fusebox 5.5 noxml.

Integrating Datamgr 2.0 and Fusebox 5.5 noxml.
Datamgr 2.0 - handles the MODEl
methods of datamgr 2.0 accesable inside fusebox architecture. ISAPI for SEO friendly URL rewriting and much much more.
Application prototype (J-ADMIN 1.0) CMS to be released soon...

fusebox5.Application.cfc example

FUSEBOX_PARAMETERS.allowImplicitFusebox = true; FUSEBOX_PARAMETERS.defaultFuseaction = "app.index"; // you may want to change this to development-full-load , development-circuit-load mode FUSEBOX_PARAMETERS.mode = "development-full-load"; FUSEBOX_PARAMETERS.conditionalParse = true; FUSEBOX_PARAMETERS.password = "jeetualex"; FUSEBOX_PARAMETERS.strictMode = true; FUSEBOX_PARAMETERS.debug = true; FUSEBOX_PARAMETERS.errortemplatesPath = "/fusebox5/errortemplates/"; // These are all default values that can be overridden: // FUSEBOX_PARAMETERS.fuseactionVariable = "fuseaction"; // FUSEBOX_PARAMETERS.precedenceFormOrUrl = "form"; // FUSEBOX_PARAMETERS.scriptFileDelimiter = "cfm"; // FUSEBOX_PARAMETERS.maskedFileDelimiters = "htm,cfm,cfml,php,php4,asp,aspx"; // FUSEBOX_PARAMETERS.characterEncoding = "utf-8"; // FUSEBOX_PARAMETERS.strictMode = false; // FUSEBOX_PARAMETERS.allowImplicitCircuits = false;
FUSEBOX_CALLER_PATH = getDirectoryFromPath(getCurrentTemplatePath());

Variables.Config = GetDirectoryFromPath(GetCurrentTemplatePath()) & "j-admin.ini"; Application.Author = '#GetProfileString(variables.config, "default", "Author")#'; Application.WebsiteTitle = '#GetProfileString(variables.config, "default", "WebsiteTitle")#'; Application.BaseUrl = '#GetProfileString(variables.config, "default", "BaseUrl")#'; Application.BasePath = '#GetProfileString(variables.config, "default", "BasePath")#'; Application.UploadsPath = Application.BasePath&"/uploads"; Application.IncludesPath = Application.BasePath&"/includes"; Application.ComponentsPath = Application.BasePath&"/com"; Application.CSSPath = Application.IncludesPath&"/css"; Application.JSPath = Application.IncludesPath&"/js"; Application.ImagesPath = Application.IncludesPath&"/images"; Application.jq = CreateObject("component",Application.ComponentsPath&"/common/jquery"); Application.passwds = CreateObject("component",Application.ComponentsPath&"/passwds/passwds"); Application.DSN = "#GetProfileString(variables.config, "default", "DSN")#"; Application.DBType = "MSSQL"; Application.obj = CreateObject("component",Application.ComponentsPath&"/datamgr/DataMgr_Comp"); Application.obj.init(Application.DSN,Application.DBType); Application.availableResources=0; Application.counter1=1; Application.sessions=0;

Session.started = now();

executionTime: #executionTime# ms

Extending Application.cfc And OnRequestStart() With SUPER / Extending Your Root Application.cfc

Extending Application.cfc And OnRequestStart() With SUPER

Extending Your Root Application.cfc