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Friday, January 9, 2009

Adobe ColdFusion 8 Beta Goes Public

Adobe releases a public beta of the latest version of its ColdFusion Web development system, ColdFusion 8.
ColdFusion 8 Review
Manipulating PDFsWhen it comes to PDFs, the ‘CFML’ programming language built into ColdFusion allows you to dynamically populate and read data from PDF documents and forms alike. With the new CFPDF tag you can merge several PDF documents into one, delete pages, merge pages, optimize PDFs, and remove interactivity from forms created in Acrobat. It’s a compliment to Acrobat, though you don’t necessarily need a full version of Acrobat.
You can use this to enter data on to the screen, or as a means of populating a form using data stored within a central (or off-site) database. This is ideal if you need to produce passes for a college, for instance – you can produce a PDF file requiring a name, age, student number and photograph, then draw the data from an off-site database.


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