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Friday, April 17, 2009

The Java Archive Tool

Sun Microsystems, Inc.
Typical usage to combine files into a jar file is:
C:\Java> jar cf myFile.jar *.class

If you have a pre-existing manifest file whose name: value pairs you want the jar tool to include for the new jar archive, you can specify it using the m option:
C:\Java> jar cmf myManifestFile myFile.jar *.class

To extract the files from a jar file, use x, as in:
C:\Java> jar xf myFile.jar
To extract only certain files from a jar file, supply their filenames:
C:\Java> jar xf myFile.jar foo bar

Updates an existing file jarfile (when f is specified) by adding to it files and directories specified by inputfiles. For example:
jar uf foo.jar foo.class

would add the file foo.class to the existing jar file foo.jar. The u option can also update the manifest entry, as given by this example:
jar umf manifest foo.jar

Creating executable jar files

Main-Class: psae.HelloWorld
jar cmf mainClass psae.jar psae
jar tf psae.jar
java -jar psae.jar Philip

Saturday, April 11, 2009

Accessing Iframes

function loadyahoo(){
window.document.frames['myFrame'].location = "test1.html";
window.frames['myFrame'].document.getElementById('nametxt').value="Jeetu is great!";
/*var iframeEl = document.getElementById('myFrame');
if ( iframeEl.contentDocument ) { // DOM
var form = iframeEl.contentDocument.getElementById('nametxt');
} else if ( iframeEl.contentWindow ) { // IE win
var form = iframeEl.contentWindow.document.getElementById('nametxt');
//form.value="jeetu alex";
//window.document.getElementById('myFrame').src = "test1.html";

Scripting Iframes