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Wednesday, October 29, 2014

Role Based Access Control–JBoss

Role & Permissions

  1. Monitor
    Has the fewest permissions Only read configuration and current runtime state No access to sensitive resources or data or audit logging resources
  2. Operator
    Monitor Can modify the runtime state, e.g. reload or shutdown the server, pause/resume JMS destination, flush database connection pool. Does not have permission to modify persistent state.
  3. Maintainer
    Operator Can modify the persistent state, e.g. deploy an application, setting up new data sources, add a JMS destination
  4. Deployer
    Maintainer Permission is restricted to applications only, cannot make changes to container configuration
  5. Administrator
    Maintainer View and modify sensitive data such as access control system No access to administrative audit logging system
  6. Auditor
    Monitor View and modify resources to administrative audit logging system Cannot modify sensitive resources or data outside auditing, can read any sensitive data
  7. Super User
    Has all the permissions Equivalent to administrator in previous versions

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