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Monday, October 7, 2019

Thoughts on creating organic software as human extension ?

Some thoughts on my previous question on software being an extension to human
  1. How to ensure effective human engagement in software processes ?
  2. How can humans be the key that software needs to unlock for its processes ?
  3. How can you create a unbreakable link back from any working software to a human ?
  4. How can a software be better when paired with human where humans have the one way control route ?
  5. How can software be an true extension of human with a unique fingerprint like identity linked to a human identity ?
  6. How effective can the interactions be between human and software so that software can truly augment the human to perform better ?


Jeetu said...

Human parameters {Height Weight Heart-rate Blood-pressure Sugar-levels Temperature Fingerprints BMI Location DNA Publications Decisions Education Career Finances Assets Relationships IQ EQ Allergies Injuries Age Documents Interests Hobbies Activities Schedules Illness Health}

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